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XXVIII Old Camellia Exhibition Compitese 2017

Posted by Claudia Pizzi on 27/02/2017
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Like every year, it takes place on the following weekends, 11-12-18-19-25-26 March 2017, in the magnificent scenery of Compitese of Lucca, the Exhibition of Ancient Camellias, beautiful ornamental plants with delicate and elegant flowers and turgid buds. Not everyone knows that it was a Jesuit who imported the plant in the eighteenth century from the East, where it was celebrated in arts and literature as symbol of eternal devotion between lovers.
In the nineteenth century the camellia became the favorite flower of the European aristocracy and high bourgeoisie that used to adorn parks and gardens of their homes, carefully choosing shady corners, slightly damp. The camellia will be the focus of the annual exhibitions, that will involve Sant’Andrea di Compito and Pieve di Compito, as well as other villages in the municipality of Capannori-Lucca. For the full program visit http://www.camelielucchesia.it

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