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Time to think…

Posted by Claudia Pizzi on 12/05/2020
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I don’t know why but I have a mad desire to look ahead, to get out of these difficult times quickly and at the same time to go back, to start again from that 2003 when the adventure of Toscocountry had just begun. To start the business I had rented a small house here in Asciano, where to organize a B&B dedicated to the agency’s clients who came from abroad and needed a quiet place to rest and tidy up ideas: “the old fig tree” was the name of it, due to the presence of a large and old plant that shaded the entrance. The office, was in the former stone annex, very humid but sooo nice! Against all logic: the “normal” agencies were hoarding offices on the road for maximum visibility, I was almost hiding . I wanted to give a message: whoever wanted to buy the properties I promoted, had to appreciate the countryside and every aspect of it, even the country road that went up there! In the meantime, however, I understood that Internet was going to play a big part in the future of the world, and I decided to have a modern website, when most of my colleagues still did not have it, and limited themselves to laconic descriptions in the newspapers: “nice 2 bedroomed house  with garden for sale in Pisa “!

Instead I wrote long poems, because every single house acquired was unique and like a rare flower, it had to be described well.

Today there is a need to change again, perhaps going a little backwards but with the gaze turned forward. My profession is about to evolve, I think we should provide for example greater care in the phase of real estate acquisition, developing  virtual visits through videos and photographic images. It is just an extra help, because I am convinced that nothing can replace the a physical visit to the property, as a house is not only 4 walls but also sensations and feelings…

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